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I'm a graphic designer based in Atlanta, Georgia and I'm interested in how the intersections between culture and language intercept our everyday communications and how we can responsibly utilize these visual languages. I believe in the power of representation and hope to provide opportunities for people of color in the future.

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🤖 MS in Digital Media at Georgia Tech

I'm currently working towards my Master's degree in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. Learning tons about interaction, product, and visual design and all the ways that design plays a part in our everyday lives. :)

🎨 BFA in Graphic Design at GSU

Received my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Georgia State University and learned lots about how to visually communicate across different mediums and platforms and had the opportunity to experiment with typography, illustration, and more.

⚒️ Makerspace Experience

Throughout my years in undergrad, I had the fortunate opportunity to work in a makerspace where I got to invest in my local Atlanta community, help students explore projects and mediums, and experiment with the intersections of technology and art.

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